In Memory of Son, Jeanne Lucio

Poem In Memory of Tom

You held my hand in the darkness,

While others wanted the light to come on too soon.

You held my hand in my darkness,

While others wanted to fix it, fix me.

You walked with me patiently.

You held my hand.

When I stopped, when I couldn’t go forward—

You waited with me in my darkness.

While others pushed me, prodded, expected too much.

You held my hand in the dark.

Never asking too much of me—

Just that I hang on when I wasn’t sure I could.

No false promises of returning joy,

No grand statements that this would get better.

Just your presence here in the dark with me—

Holding my hand until I can find my own light.

Thank you.

By Jeanne Lucio In Memory of Her Son, Tom